Glass is what you want it to be. For me, when its hot is is water and when it's cold it is stone. The answers always seem to lye beneath, the truths and mysteries are below the surface. Maybe that is why I am always creating designs that both have a way of looking into it and are found under a surface. Whether is is crystals and minerals found below ground or the universe submerged in the sea. 

Glass can be transparent, like a window of any shape imaginable. What would you do with that window? What would you see?  Obvious is mundane and mysterious is wide open. Intentional forms should be both. Something to recognize and something to ponder or be awakened to. 

I constantly dream about finding objects beneath the surface of either the sea or the earth. That feeling of finding something exceptional and spirit engaging. Maybe that is what spending all this time in the studio is? digging, searching, revealing important concepts from deep inside myself.  I am both a scuba diver and a rockhound. I find a lot of joy searching and exploring below the surface.

Techniques used to manipulate glass are flameworking with a special designed oxy/propane torch to have point control of both tiny details and larger masses of glass. Kiln casting to achieve larger more architectural forms of glass.  Coldworking the glass like you would a gemstone, cutting and polishing. Carving like a stone or gem. Welding steel for stands and frames. I have a studio run on hydroelectric power from the Deerfield river. 


Journal of Gemology volume 35/no. 6 2017

Rocks and Minerals   volume 92   no. 6 2017

Featured in "The Flow" glass magazine for the
"Glasscraft Emerging Artist"

The Flow Magazine for "Glass Aquatic"
May issue 2010

Best Of America "Glass Artists"
issue 2010

Glassline  oct/nov issue 2011

Niche Magazine "artist profile" fall 2013

Scuba & H2o Adventure
"Reflection of Fragility"
March 2014

Rocks and Minerals Magazine Jan 2018

Flow Magazine 
"Artisan Made Gemstones" spring 2018


Tuscon Gem and Mineral Show 2016, 2017, 2018

Imagine Museum

Pivot Exhibition 2019

Study Credits:

Daniel Clayman

Master Glass Casting,

Urban Glass

Ny,Ny 2018

Sally Prasch,

flameworking hollow borosilicate glass


Milon Townsend, lampworking sculptural borosilicate glass 2007

Emilio Santini , lampworking venetian hollow forms 2010

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